Paul Snyder is a production artist, photographer, & designer specializing in retail and brand advertising. 

Paul graduated college in early 2012 with a degree in Visual Communication Technology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, United States.  Learning the fundamentals of the photography, film, web design, and print fields, he developed an understanding of how to integrate and implement all of their various artistic ideologies. These concepts of color theory, composition, lighting, etc., and their technical processes soon began to guide his craft.

Upon finishing his education, Paul went on to realize his love for post production and began working for an array of international clients from London, Paris, Australia, Denmark, and the epicenters of American fashion: New York and Los Angeles.  

To keep his creative eye sharp and well rounded, Paul takes influence anywhere from contemporary music artwork, renaissance masters like DaVinci and Raphael, the surrealist paintings of René Magritte and Dalí, and the pages of Vogue and W magazines (just to name a few). 

With an astute attention to detail, Paul values both the art of simplicity and dignified beauty while giving imagery his own creative blend of transformation and style.  He believes in keeping the integrity of the client's vision and finding the uniquely subtle character of imperfections under the illusion of perfection.  

As Edgar Allen Poe once elegantly mused, 

“There is no beauty without some strangeness”. 

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